Do you want a job up high
that takes you travelling around the world?

Aero Team school is inviting you to enroll to the flight attendant course!

Why choose this job?

  • Motivating salary
  • You're paid to travel around the world
  • Job with great future prospects and speedy promotions
  • 5 star hotels and restaurants access
  • Make friends around the world



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For enrolling to the Aero Team courses the requirements are:

  • 18 years of age
  • Good health
  • English at intermediate level


How much does it cost?

  1500 EURO!

Star a new career with our help! Number of students is limited!

What will you learn and how long will it take?

Aero Team flight attendant school initial basic course takes 4 weeks to complete

  • English classes
  • Fire and smoke prevention
  • Water survival training
  • Survival in multiple operation zones (desert, jungle, artic areas, etc.)
  • Flight medicine and first aid training
  • Passenger realationship
  • Communication strategy
  • Flight regulations
  • Human relations and flight crew management
  • Basic notions regarding in flight transportation of dangerous goods
  • In flight security training
  • Discipline and responsabilites
  • Flight theory and general aircraft information



Why choose the Aero Team school?

  • You can obtain the international cabin crew certificate
  • Over 3000 alumni in the last 10 years
  • Alumni hire rate after completing the course over 90%
  • Teachers and lectors with careers and experience in aviation
  • Good location in Bucharest near the
    place where aviation operators run the hiring interviews
  • The only school in Romania that is authorized for qualifing students on multiple types of aircrafts



I've gotten a lot of guidance from the Aero Team staff. In less than a month upon completing the course I was hired by Blue Air. Thank you Aero Team.Robert
I chose this school after it was recommanded to me by my friend, a former student here. The course was not easy, but it gave me the passion for flying and a desire to learn everything regarding this job. At the end of the course the school sent me to Blue Air, where I was hired after the first inverview. I love my new career, thanks Aero Team for making my dream a reality! Madalina
I chose this job and I chose Aero Team to teach it to me. I'm very happy with the choice I made, great teachers and excellent guidance upon completion. Thanks to them I've got a job, for 2 months now, and I'm utterly fascinated by this job. Aida